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Craft your ideal WFH space by catering to your Meyers-Briggs personality type

There are plenty of ways to tackle decorating or setting up a home office, from the flow of feng shui to an efficient, Spartan bareness. One method you may not have considered is decorating based on your personality type. This doesn’t mean you buy things like pink picture frames or bobbleheads because you like them and move on. It means you buy things that work in concert with how you interact with the world to facilitate a better, happier environment. 

If you do decide to give personality decoration a try, consider doing so based on the hugely popular Meyers-Briggs system. If you don’t know what that is, take a look at our quick overview just below. That’s followed by some home office gear suggestions for five of the most common Meyers-Briggs personality types.

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Meyers-Briggs in brief

The Meyers-Briggs personality system is made of four segments with each segment having two sides represented by a specific letter. Your Meyers-Briggs test result is made up of one letter from each segment.


The first section asks where you draw your energy from and is split between extrovert (E) and introvert (I). Extroverts draw from the world around them and introverts draw from the world inside. This is not a measure of how outgoing a person is; you can be a shy extrovert or be an introverted social butterfly.

Information collection 

The second section asks how you collect your information and is split between sensing (S) and intuition (N). Those who sense collect concrete information, things you can see, hear and touch, etc. Those who intuit still collect concrete information, but they’re more of a big-picture person and are more likely to trust a hunch.

Information processing 

The third section asks how you process the information you’ve collected and is split between between thinking (T) and feeling (F). This one is obvious; thinkers process more in the mind while feelers process more in the heart.

Approach to life

The last section asks how you approach life in general and is split between judging (J) and perceiving (P). Judgers typically stick to more organized, planned processes, while perceivers are more open and flexible.

Five common Meyers-Briggs personality types

Of the 16 possible combinations of the Meyers-Briggs test, five crop up more often than others, according to Truity also gave those combinations a name and an interpretation, with a heavy emphasis on the word “interpretation.” Those five are below.

Protector (ISFJ)

Protectors make up 14% of the general population, or 8% of males and 19% of females. They are “energized by working behind the scenes, pragmatic and detail-oriented, deeply committed to supporting others and loyal to relationships and traditions.”

Best WFH gear for protectors

Latitude Run Office Desk Chair

This soft and fuzzy chair is an excellent way to break out from the doldrums of usual office fare. It’s just as supportive and fully featured as any other office chair, too.

Kyoryuger Macrame Wall Decoration

Hanging up pictures in frames can be oddly lifeless. Instead, attach them to this wall hanging using the item’s included clothespins and thread the included lights between them all for a dazzling and warm display.

Provider (ESFJ)

Providers make up 12% of the general population, or 8% of males and 17% of females. They are “energized by time with others, are practical and detail-oriented, make decisions based on a strict moral code that is often black and white, and value structure so they can be organized and productive.”

Best WFH gear for providers

Everly Quinn Dibora Glass Executive Desk

This stunning desk is versatile in its construction so you can situate the top and the included drawers however you want. It even has plugs on the top so you can power your devices.

Artechworks Modern Velvet Barrel Chair

If your home office is a constant source of visitors or clients, you need a great chair ready for them. This one has a lovely retro look and comes in eight colors.

Inspector (ISTJ)

Inspectors make up 12% of the general population, or 16% of males and 7% of females. They are “energized by quiet, independent work, pragmatic and detail-oriented, logical, and skilled in organization and time-management.”

Best WFH gear for inspectors

Becomrock Desk Organizer

This desk organizer is unlike most in that it comes in seven pieces so you can organize the organizer exactly how you want it. Those pieces include two pencil holders, a phone holder and a large flat bar that all the little pieces sit on.

Tangkula Computer Desk

Some home offices are situated in tight spaces. This desk is perfect. It’s just large enough for some small side drawers and it has a little hole in the back for running cables.

Wowbox Drawer Organizer Set

This is another multi-piece organizer, but this one is meant to be added to your drawers to keep the contents contained. It comes in six sets ranging in size from six pieces to 30 and in four colors.

Composer (ISFP)

Composers make up 9% of the general population, or 8% of males and 10% of females. They are “people who rarely demand attention, are observant problem-solvers who see possibilities others miss, base their decisions on their instincts and values, and focus on enjoying the present.”

Best WFH gear for composers

Joss and Main Antonie Desk

This bare-bones desk is perfect for people who get distracted easily since there’s no space for anything but what is strictly necessary. It comes in two sizes if you prefer something larger.

The Sill DIY Terrarium Kit

A home office isn’t truly complete unless there’s a plant you criminally neglect. If you don’t want to constantly replace it, consider this terrarium for succulents instead.

Caromolly Light Therapy Lamp

It’s important to maintain good lighting conditions in your home office, and not only to avoid eyestrain. This lamp has an adjustable color warmth and brightness so you can maintain your perfect lighting condition.

Supervisor (ESTJ)

Supervisors make up 9% of the general population, or 11% of males and 6% of females. They are “energized by time spent working with others, are practical and detail-oriented, make decisions based on logic and past experience, and value organization, efficiency and hierarchy.”

Best WFH gear for supervisors

Kawahone Canvas Painting Wall Art

This set of three pictures is an easy way to keep your head in the game, as all three pieces reinforce the idea that hard work can overcome any obstacle.

Tribesigns Executive Desk

This minimalist desk is a great fit for the modern aesthetic. You can also grab multiples and push them together to make a quasi conference room if you ever need it.

Tribesigns File Cabinet

And to match that new desk is this combination file cabinet and bookcase for stashing all your receipts and other important paperwork. It comes in three colors and is on wheels for easy adjustment.

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