Advice for battling pests and bugs this winter

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ST. LOUIS – The colder weather of the winter season has thankfully slowed down some of our insects, but Rottler says they’re still taking quite a few calls about rodents.

“The big thing is they’re just trying to stay warm like you and I,” Jay Everitt, technical director for Rottler Pest Solutions, said.

Everitt says there are things for a homeowner to look for when it comes to mice.

“Look for droppings. That’s the first thing we think about. And then chewing. So we do see some things, like around the garage doors. Anywhere where there’s like drywall where electrical lines goes through,” he said.

Aside from chewing, they can also cause contamination.

“So, you don’t want to find one of those in your cereal box that’s for sure,” Everitt said. “But again, looking for those droppings in the pantries, out in the garage if you have dog food that’s stored out there, look at those things. They’re pretty messy. I mean, they will give themselves away.”

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If you find a nest, take precautions, as there are some hazards.

“There’s a virus called the hantavirus. It’s associated with the deer mouse that we have in our area. White belly, orange-brown fur. That’s something to be aware of,” Everitt said. “So, protect yourself, wear the gloves, disinfect. And try not to get it airborne. Don’t start sweeping and getting that stuff all up in the air, because that’s kind of when you could get exposed to that virus.”

Spiders are still around, but Everitt recommends buying glue boards. Those can help determine if you have an issue and what kind of spiders you’re dealing with.

“The more glue boards you have out, the more you can catch, and it’s that much less you have in your home,” he said.

Our temperatures in the next few months can affect pests this spring.

“Now hard, cold, quick, for long periods of time. That’s detrimental. That’ll help reduce problems in our area,” Everitt said. “This one’s been pretty mild. I’ve got a feeling we’re probably going to have a pretty hard spring with bugs if we don’t get really cold in the next month or two.”


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