15 Lunar New Year gifts to welcome the Year of the Dragon

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People born in the Year of the Wood Dragon are known for being inquisitive and creative

This year, Lunar New Year falls on Feb. 10. It will be the Year of the Dragon. If you would like to celebrate the start of this 12-month reign, in lieu of a red envelope, there are many items you can give, such as a whimsical plush dragon or a commemorative T-shirt that you can wear all year long. You can even cook a traditional meal in a wok to help celebrate the occasion. To mirror the 15 days of festivities, here are 15 gifts that can help usher in the Lunar New Year.

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What is the Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year is a holiday that originated in China over 4,000 years ago but is now celebrated globally. At the most generic level, this holiday is exactly what it sounds like it is, celebrating the new year according to the lunar calendar. On a cultural level, the holiday encompasses 15 days, with each day having a special meaning with specific traditions to follow and honor.

A brief look at the Chinese zodiac

Similar to the Babylonians’ division of the heavens into 12 distinct signs, the Chinese have a dozen animals in their zodiac. Instead of ruling for a month, however, these 12 animals each get an entire year. The order was determined by a race that was organized by the Jade Emperor. The animals had to get across a raging river. The result of the race, from first to twelfth, was rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. As a fun fact (that many might not be happy with), the rat outsmarted the cat and pushed the feline into the river so he wouldn’t finish in time. Hence, there is no Year of the Cat. It also explains why cats have such a strong dislike for rats. 

What traits does a dragon have?

Like the astrological signs, the personality traits of the Chinese zodiac can fluctuate a little depending on who you ask. In general, people born in the Year of the Dragon are said to be superb leaders who have a strong drive for success. They have boundless energy, are passionate, creative and have a gift for stumbling upon good fortune. Dragons have a natural charm that they can use to win another’s heart. Last, dragons are creative, inquisitive and open-minded individuals.

15 gifts you can give to celebrate the Year of the Dragon 

Chinese New Year Dragon Plush

This plush dragon is 9 inches tall and represents good luck and prosperity. It is brightly colored, huggable, and it arrives vacuum-packed for its protection. Celebrate strength, wisdom and wealth all year long with this fun gift.

Paper Flying Dragons (Klutz Activity Kit)

With this cool gift, you can make and fly one dozen brightly colored dragons. The kit includes all the needed materials, an instruction book and fun dragon facts. This set is best for kids ages 8 and above.

Handmade Embroidery Cushion

This festive cushion is perfect for the individual who is looking to upgrade their home décor for the Year of the Dragon. The pillows come in two designs that are available in a variety of colors. Alternatively, you can purchase a two-piece set and save.

Money Tree Plant

Instead of lucky money, consider this small potted plant. This plant is pet-friendly and measures between 12 to 16 inches tall and arrives in a nursery grow pot. It flourishes in indirect to medium light and only needs to be watered once every one to two weeks.

Handmade Good Luck Charm

This packet of good luck comes with a gold and silver turtle fortune amulet and a gold coin pendant. Combined, this set offers good luck, happiness, wealth and longevity. The gift arrives in a polyvinyl chloride cover to ensure durability.

Magnificent 101 Success Aromatherapy Candle

If you just want to give a gift that encourages success, consider this natural soybean wax candle. It contains no petroleum or paraffin and features a blend of lavender, sandalwood, sage herbs, essential oils and more. According to the manufacturer, this candle is “designed to create a natural abundance state in the home and body.”

Year of the Dragon Insulated Tumbler

Whether you like your beverages hot or cold, this food-grade stainless steel tumbler will come in handy. It is eco-friendly, rust-resistant and has a double-walled construction that holds temperatures for up to eight hours. The festive dragon design is perfect for the entire year.

Lunar New Year Chocolate Coins

You can’t go wrong with kosher chocolate. These Year-of-the-Dragon-themed coins come in gold and red foil. They represent prosperity and good fortune. But they taste so great, the 80 coins might not make it into March!

LEGO Spring Festival Dragon Toy Figure

For the older kid — 10 and above — this LEGO dragon is an excellent option. It has 1,171 colorful pieces and features a tilting head with an opening mouth. The remarkable attention to detail includes printed eyes and scales, and it comes with a beautiful, buildable display.

Year of the Dragon Lantern Two-Piece Candy Bento Box

This sweet treat is designed for adults. It is a special-edition Lantern Candy Bento Box that features two candy cubes. The first is filled with juicy, lychee-flavored gummies, while the second contains creamy coffee-infused chocolate truffles that are infused with vodka.

Lunar New Year Matte Revolution Lipstick

Red represents good fortune, vitality, celebration and prosperity. It can also vanquish evil spirits. With Charlotte Tilbury’s luxurious red matte lipstick, you can wear your good fortune all year long.

Year of the Dragon Scratch-Off Fortune Cards

Want to add even more excitement to the new year? Consider gifting a scratch-off fortune card. This set comes with 25 cards. When scratched off, they offer a prediction for the new year. Will you receive wealth, health, love or success? Or maybe a combination of everything? You won’t know until you scratch.

Dragon Zodiac Journal

Thoughts and dreams materialize when you write them down. This gorgeous dragon journal is suitable for travel. It has a matte laminate cover to help protect from water damage and contains 150 ruled pages. Make your wishes become reality with this handsome hardcover journal.

Lunar New Year Tea Gift Basket Set

This 2024 Lunar New Year tea set has two reusable tins of gourmet tea: Passion Fruit Black Tea and Evening Dragon Herbal Tea. If you choose not to use them to house future teas, they can be proudly displayed in any area of your home.

Year of the Dragon T-Shirt

This elegantly designed T-shirt features awesome Year of the Dragon 2024 artwork. The machine-wash apparel comes in a wide variety of colors and is suitable for men, women and kids.

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