13 chic home upgrades that only look pricey

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They look expensive, but they’re not

Everyone wants to love where they live. But not everyone wants to allocate a large portion of their income to décor. Fortunately, it is possible to upgrade the wow factor of your home without spending a lot of money. Two quick and affordable fixes include purchasing and applying a faux stone peel-and-stick backsplash or adding magnetic spice racks to your kitchen. Investing in pendant lighting is another easy, budget-friendly way to create a chic atmosphere.

If you are looking to add some flair without adding appreciable financial wear to tear your bank account, here are 13 ways you do exactly that.

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Three essential tips to keeping your home décor chic


Even if you have the most expensive décor that was handpicked by a top interior decorator, if there is clutter interfering with the intended aesthetics, your home will never look chic. The first step to giving your home a head-turning makeover is to get rid of distractions. Put away (or get rid of) the clutter, so the décor has the space it needs to breathe and shine.

Keep it neutral with a focal pop

The more chaotic a room is, the less chic it is. A hodgepodge space that is filled with a variety of shapes, materials and colors just isn’t as appealing as a calming room with a neutral tone. However, to keep the space from becoming sterile, it’s important to add a focal point, such as an accent light or colorful set of curtains that attract the eye and keep the décor from becoming monotonous.

Allow for variations in hue

Yes, it is important to limit your color palette when painting a room. One color should clearly be dominant, while a second and sometimes third color play supportive roles. But texture and subtle variations in hues are crucial for creating a desirable living space. While it may seem like matching colors exactly is a good thing, imagine the room as an outfit. Would you wear the exact same color pants and shirt? Probably not. Give a room the same consideration. Allow for different shades and textures to enhance interest without overwhelming the senses.

Best chic-but-affordable products 

YGON Digital Alarm Clock

This versatile piece is both functional and elegant. It is a gold focal point for the bedroom that serves as an alarm clock, a mirror and a charging station. It can also add a touch of class to a living room, office or studio.

Shower Caddy

There are two pieces to this shower caddy. Each can hold up to 40 pounds. And the open design allows for drainage and ventilation, making the caddy easy to clean. The installation requires no drilling. And it is suitable for smooth surfaces, such as tile, marble, glass or metal.

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Lights

Lighting is essential for home décor. Not only does it make things look better, it also makes things safe. This set of three wireless puck lights is ideal for under-the-counter placement. They install in seconds and feature remote operation, a dimming function and an optional auto-off.

Faux Stone Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

Having a stone backsplash installed can cost as much as $40 per square foot. For roughly the same price, you can get nearly 10 times the coverage with faux stone peel-and-stick tiles. These tiles are made of polyvinyl-chloride-composite laminate. They are waterproof, heat-resistant, anti-scratch, high-impact tiles that won’t yellow over time.

Turquoize Velvet Sofa Slipcover

An easy way to upgrade your sofa and add a splash of color to the room is to purchase a velvet slipcover. This option is soft, wrinkle-free and elastic. It can cover either a leather or a fabric sofa. To install, just drape, tuck and smooth.

HumanCentric Laptop Holder

When you’re not using your laptop, not only does it take up a lot of space, but it doesn’t look very elegant laying there on your desk. This chic option has a black walnut wood exterior and a felt-lined interior. The weighted body and rubber base ensure stability, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding or falling over.

Magnetic Spice Racks

It’s hard to find a convenient place to store spices and other kitchen essentials. With these corrosion-resistant magnetic racks, you can install shelves on any metal surface, such as the refrigerator. Since there is no drilling or assembly required, if you change your mind about placement, you can effortlessly move these racks to another location.

Velvet Blackout Curtains

There are two ways to go with curtains. You can either have them blend in and be unnoticeable or they can add a pop of color to become the focal point of the room. These curtains come in a variety of colors so you can achieve the effect you desire. They also block up to 75% of sunlight.

Plug-in Pendant Light

This pendant light is made from natural wood panels to create a rustic chandelier. The light has low power consumption and hangs from a flax hemp rope wire. It is an ideal, easy-to-install accent piece for a farmhouse kitchen.

FloorPops Gothic Peel-and-Stick Floor Tiles

A new floor can be a costly project requiring a team of professionals and a lot of money. Alternatively, it can be a simple activity for the casual handyperson. These peel-and-stick tiles are water-resistant and washable. Best of all, they require no grout or special tools to install. You can upgrade an entire room in a weekend.

SparkPod Round Rain Showerhead with Extension Arm

Sometimes, the ultimate in chic can be a small-but-luxurious upgrade. This showerhead is like standing out in the rain. Your entire body is comforted by a warm deluge that can turn a regular shower into an exotic experience. It is affordable and offers a simple, no-tool installation.

Seteline 3-Light Bathroom Vanity Lights

Sufficient lighting is essential, but it also offers a chance to add a dash of elegance to a room. The rounded glass shades on this fixture give your bathroom a sophisticated style. The vintage-chic look is a surprisingly easy way to give your home a pricey-looking upgrade that doesn’t cost a lot.

Cordless Metal Cage LED Accent Light

These versatile, wireless, bronze, egg-shaped table lamps can be placed nearly anywhere for a quick and easy upgrade. You can use them in the dining room, on the patio, in a bedroom, in the entertainment room and more. They have an exquisite vintage design that enhances the aesthetics of your home.

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